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What is Patreon/Subscribe Star?
Patreon and Subscribe Star are online platforms built specifically for content creators. It's a way for us to get paid for the work we do while offering benefits in return. In this case, the benefit is being personally coached by me!
How Does It Work?
First you have to log into Patreon or Subscribe Star and choose an amount that you would like to contribute to Bull's Strength. The amount that you pay determines what benefits you receive.
Here is a summary of all available contribution tiers:
The Bullpen

$9 or more per month

  • Receive a shout out at the end of every video.

  • Access to Bull's Strength discord server.

  • Ability to vote for the video content you want to see!

Minotaur Strength (Group Fitness)

$49 or more per month

  • Initial consultation and physical evaluation via Skype.

  • 2 Private group strength training classes per week. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm EST.

  • Access to all prior group classes.

  • Access to strength training and other fitness programs.

  • Email support for questions related to training and diet.

  • All lower tier benefits apply.

Heroes of Taurus

$99 or more per month

As a hero of Taurus, your gains are my responsibility. You are now my one-on-one client and will get my undivided attention whenever you need me.

  • Weekly workout templates with dynamic changes based on where you're at.

  • Unlimited Form Checks.

  • Regular Skype chats to check progress and address any questions

  • Email and live chat support.

  • Nutrition plan to help you get to your goals more efficiently.

  • All lower tier benefits apply.

Click on the "Become a Patron" or the "Subscribe Star" links below for more information.
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