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Online Personal Training

On day one, we'll review your goals and build a detailed plan on how to achieve them. Do you want to lose some extra weight? Perform better at your sport? Win a strength competition? As long as you stick to the program, results are guaranteed.

Not only will we go after whatever goals you set, I'll add a few extra suggested goals after we analyze how your body is doing. Losing weight and getting fit is a great thing, but fixing posture and looking out for the long term are also important.

Click here for online personal training options or scroll down to the contact form for more information!

"Bryan is one of the most direct and influential people I have ever worked with. He clearly has results on his mind when designing a plan to follow! If you're looking for a great trainer then I suggest you call him!"

-Dr. Craig Kasper, Nutrition Professor at HCC

Custom Diet Plan

Confused on how to eat or how much of it? Nutrition is a very complicated and confusing subject for many people. Allow me to break it all down for you and guide you to a healthier lifestyle! 

"Bryan's welcoming energy, knowledgeable advice and passion for training have made a world of difference for me.

After month one I have regained some of my mobility/flexibility, I have gained muscle mass, lost 10 pounds and have learned so much about my body and how to treat it with respect."

-Mary McKelvie, Trainee
Send a message below for information about rates and packages. I offer single session and bulk session packages, individual diet plans, and fitness plans with online coaching support.


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