October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

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Bryan Ruins Fat Acceptance

October 24, 2017

Some people enjoy being overweight and relish in the lifestyle. Some people, a very very small amount, have legitimate thyroid disorders where they can't stop themselves from retaining body fat, no matter what they do. There are also some athletes, like sumo wrestlers, who absolutely need to be large in order to compete in their sport. I'm not speaking to these people in this article.


I'm talking to those who have given up on their health and those who encourage others to do so.


Looking at you, Adam.


So what is the fat acceptance movement? Fat acceptance claims to be a social movement that wants to change people's views as to what it means to be fat. Proponents of this fat liberation movement (their words, not mine) propagate non-sense about how you can be "healthy at every size" and that fat people are under represented in popular culture.

Advertisement for "healthy at any size." Ironically, they're all the same size


Before I break this down, I want to emphasize that fat acceptance and the body positive movement are not necessarily the same thing. Fat acceptance is specifically about accepting your "fate" as an unhealthy person who is overweight, whereas body positivity is more about accepting who you are and the genetic hand you were dealt. I think body positivity is a beautiful thing. No one should feel bad for things that are completely out of their control.


Deciding to get fat or live at a healthy weight, however, is most certainly in your control.


Well, loosely speaking.


Some people eat uncontrollably for reasons outside of their control, some obese people are actively burying some monster from their past. Just listen to this clip from famous youtuber Boogie2988, where he talks about his addiction to food and how badly he has struggled with this addiction throughout his life. He describes his relationship with food as unhealthy, citing that he will never have a good relationship with food because of the damage from being an addict has caused him.

 Boogie2988 has opened up several times about his struggles with food addiction


Does any of this sound familiar? Doesn't food addiction sound a whole lot like an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco? Well, it is absolutely in the same league as these things.


Food addicts binge eat, sometimes consuming 3,000 calories or more in just one sitting. When they don't have access to binge eating, they feel out of control in their lives. Like an alcoholic without a drink, they only feel in control when they are feeding their addiction.


Quitting a diet dense in hyper-palatable foods can be compared to quitting an addictive drug. Withdraw symptoms can include lightheadedness, cravings, anxiety, depression, headaches, irritability, tiredness, muscle aches, and more.


Several studies from the National Institute of Health also confirm these symptoms. This is because hyper-palatable foods high in saturated fats and sugar are not a natural part of a human diet and trigger unnaturally high dopamine levels in the brain.

Hyper-palatable foods cause unnatural surges of dopamine in the brain


Dopamine, the feel good hormone, is released as a reward for doing something good and is meant to encourage certain behaviors in humans. Back when food was scarce, dopamine would release to signal and encourage people to find more food. It played a key role in keeping humans alive before food was as abundant as it is now. When it is secreted at unnaturally high levels, it can quickly lead to problems.


Now, there are things you can do to alleviate these negative withdraw symptoms and even cut your cravings for bad food, but I'm saving that for a future article.


Anyway, back to the point.


Fat acceptance.


We all know that binging on unhealthy foods can lead to an early death. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer have all been linked to unhealthy eating habits. Just a quick google search will show hundreds of peer reviewed articles confirming this.

 Healthy heart vs heart from a morbidly obese person


So why does our society think it's okay to encourage addictive behavior that will lead to an early death?


What if there was a tobacco acceptance movement encouraging people to smoke? Should we not shame smokers for their poor life choices?


Should we have an alcohol acceptance movement where we encourage people to binge drink every day? Should we push people into an early grave by encouraging them to commit to this kind of behavior?


How about heroine acceptance?


The fat acceptance movement may seem harmless, but it is not a benevolent movement. It is poisonous and encouraging young people to permanently damage their bodies and eventually commit suicide through their bad habits. It's not okay and the media should feel shame for propagating such destructive behavior.


Losing weight can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. The key is to know your maintenance calories and eat less than you need to. Exercise and any other activity you do throughout the day will push your maintenance calories (metabolism) up higher, allowing you to eat more while still losing weight. Just be sure to stay in a caloric deficit and try to incorporate as many healthy, nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts as you can. Just don't go overboard with it.


I created this company so I could make a difference and help people live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives. It truly pains me to see the media encourage people to eat themselves into oblivion.



In Strength,


Coach Bryan


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